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Phase 1 Draft Policy Recommendations:
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Intellectual Property & Technology Ownership of government-funded IP under the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act - addressing barriers to the commercialisation and uptake of government-funded IP.
Regulatory & Red Tape Exchange control loop structures and related foreign investor limitations curbing attraction of international investors, access to international markets and in turn competitiveness of South African SMEs and start-ups.
Funding & Incentives Pilot & implement funding models for govt.-funded, privately-run investment programmes to target high-growth potential SMEs and address critical funding and investment skills gaps faced in the development of these businesses.
Talent & Visa Special visa/programme to attract & encourage entrepreneurs to immigrate & establish enterprise in SA, contributing to local economic growth and job creation.
Regulatory & Red Tape Amend labour laws to enable more flexibility in labour market to encourage job creation by SMEs.
Funding & Incentives Refinement of existing Research & Development (R&D) and Venture Capital Company (VCC) tax incentives, intended to encourage private sector investment into a) scientific and technological R&D and b) SMEs and junior mining companies, respectively.