SiMODiSA aims to catalyze and amplify entrepreneurship in the South African Startup ecosystem.

SiMODiSA Association has been established as a powerful industry led initiative to specifically address – and determine – what can be done to overcome the barriers that SMEs and startups face. It is critical to address these barriers, such as access to capital, access to markets, access to talent and the lack of supportive enabling environments, in order to catalyse supportive ecosystems where such businesses can grow and thrive.

What we do

Catalysation will occur once senior government officials have been engaged with directly for high impact policy changes.

Amplification will occur through networking, events and competitions aimed at already flourishing businesses that might also benefit from investment.

In short, we aim to:

  • Get the government and private sector to work together to catalyze entrepreneurship

  • Reduce the cost and red tape associated with starting a business

  • Build a robust, entrepreneurial and innovative economy

  • Operate in-line with the National Development Plan

  • Increase the success rate and number of startups

  • Promote and amplify entrepreneurship and startups

  • Support high skill and well paying job creation

Our Partners

SiMODiSA is proud to announce its partners that help in creating a sophisticated entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country.